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The "Tour and Ecology Center of Kerkini -Mpelles", known as "Oikoperiigitis",  is a comprehensive private initiative, in order  to develop ecological awareness through activities, accommodation and hospitality, which take place in the Ecology park of Kerkini lake at north of Serres.

Our hotel can accommodate up to 70 guests, schools, clubs, and individuals in two traditional hotels in Kerkini village. Wood and stone are the basic materials used in both hotels, with beautiful traditionally furnished apartments and rooms equipped with heating and fireplaces.

Activities in Kerkini lake such as: the road tour, the tour of the lake by canoe or boat, a mobile camp for children and many others are supported by the most modern equipment and with our experienced drivers and instructors.

Above all it is supported by our love for nature and the environment and our desire to show you in the most safely way the wondrous and breathtaking wetland of Kerkini lake.

Distinguishing from other hotels in lake Kerkini, Oikoperiigitis hotel is developing environmental awareness programs for schools and clubs as well as ecotourism and agritourism tours both for individuals and for institutions, corporations and individuals.