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Oikoperiigitis runs regular boat tours which give the visitor the opportunity to admire the incomparable beauty of Lake Kerkini,  learn about the flora and fauna as well as the history of the area. The boats used for the boat tours (locally known as “plaves”) are the typical traditional boats of Lake Kerkini. They are much bigger than the fishing boats and they can hold up to 18 people. They are also faster as they have a low noise outboard engine. The boats are made out of wood with the use of traditional techniques, passed on to us by our grandparents. All boats have a canopy to protect passengers from the sun during summertime and  the rain during autumn and winter seasons. They are operated by experienced boatmen, who are also very familiar with the flora and the fauna of Lake Kerkini.

We run  two boat tours depending on the season.


Spring- Summer (March-August)

Departure point: Small port of Kerkini. 

Route:  Boat tour along the riparian forest (Delta of Strymonas river) We can see birds in their nesting  locations. A unique sight.

Duration: 90 minutes.

We also offer longer boat tours, for visitors with special interests, such as photography and birdwatching.  For safety reasons, the tour center provides  lifejackets to all visitors on board. The boats can take in groups and individual visitors anytime any day of the week, no matter the season.


Autumn- Winter

Departure point: Small port of Kerkini. 

Route: Boat tour approaching the large colonies of flamingos, pelicans and cormorants. A great number of birds can be observed. 

Duration: 75 minutes.