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Living in nature, in the wood, near the lake is an absolutely unique experience. Τhe camping is a 7 day programme, which includes:

2 days  in Oikoperiigitis Hotel.

4 days  in tents set up in the wood. After  getting into the 4x4 jeeps, we head towards  mountain Belles. 

There we accommodate ourselves in the tents , we  enjoy a picnic and we go hiking to the top of mountain Kerkini.  

Training courses on climbing, descending techniques and first aid are offered as well. 

Campers will be given the opportunity to identify the flora and the fauna of the area (scouting).

Take photos and take part in photography contests and expand their knowledge on environmental issues.


Available from  25th of June to 1th of July.

Suggested age range: 10 -15 years old.