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Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist

The Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist is located northwest to the village of Akritochori at the foot of Mount Kerkini (Belles). It was built in 1981.  It is 24 km from Sidirokastro and 50 km from Serres. It is built on the international hiking trail E4 / E6 and gives beautiful panoramic views of Lake Kerkini.

Holy Monastery of St. George

The Holy Monastery of St. George is located near the village of Monastiraki and it has a lovely view of Kerkini Lake. It is built on top of a hill  overlooking the impressive of Mount Kerkini.

Holy Monastery of Saints Kirikos and Iouliti

The Holy Monastery of Saints Kirikos and Iouliti is built on a hill northeast of Sidirokastro. It is a cenobitic monastery founded by the Metropolis of Sidirokastro in 1968.

Holy Monastery of Ikosifinissa

He is one of the two holy sites in Eastern Macedonia, which continues  to attract a great number of of faithful, who  come to worship the "impalpable Icon of the Virgin" and relax in the peaceful surroundings.  The Monastery is built at a wonderful location at the north side of Mount Pangeo (at an altitude of 743 m) near the provincial road Serres-Kavala.

Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist

The Monastery is located 12 km from Serres in an area full of cypress trees and pines. The monastery was built in 1270 AD and despite having being destroyed repeatedly in the past it is still an astonishing monument of Byzantine Art.

Holy Monastery of Ascension in Pangeo

The Monastery is located 7 km.  from the village of Proti in Mount Pangaio (at an altitude of 930 m). It offers panoramic views of the Serres plains.

Holy Monastery of St. Sunday Alistrati

The Monastery of St. Kyriaki is one of the oldest monasteries in the region. It is found in a green landscape, 2 km from the  village of Alistrati, in the provincial road of Serres – Drama.

Holy Monastery of St. Paraskevi Domirou

The Holy Monastery of St. Paraskevi is located in the southern part of the  Prefecture of Serres, 2 km. from the village of Domiros and 5 km. from the foothill of Mount Paggeo in a picturesque location.

Holy Monastery of Panagia Vyssianis  Metohi

The female Monastery of Panagia Vyssianis is located 10 km. north of Serres and 2 km from the village of Metohi, in a beautiful green landscape in a deep gorge.

Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross St. Spirit

The Monastery of the Holy Cross is about 15 km. from Serres, in the village of Holy Spirit, on the outskirts Mount Menikio. It is  located high on a hill with panoramic views of the valley and Serres city. 

Prophet Elias-Holy Spirit Monastery 

The Monastery of Prophet Elias stands  on a green pine-covered hill, on the northern side of the village of Holy Spirit, opposite the Monastery of the Holy Cross. The first temple was built in 1900 but was deserted over the years. The current temple is built according to the monastic lifestyle and  only two walls from the old church have been  retained. In the chapel of Virgin Mary Myrtidiotissa, there is a miraculous icon of the Virgin.