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Archaeological Museum of Serres

The museum is housed in  "Bezesteni", 15th century rectangular building, located in the Square of Freedom in the city center. These types of buildings were constructed by the Ottomans to be used as covered markets. Nowadays, there are only two Bezestenis left in Greece (Thessaloniki and  Serres).

Address: Freedom Square, Serres

Opening hours: daily (except Mondays) 8.30-15.00

Free admission

Tel .: 2321022257

Serres Ecclesiastical Museum

The exhibition area of ​​the museum is spread over four rooms and  the exhibits are grouped into four categories:  A. icons, B. wood-carvings,  C. orphrey   D. metal artifacts. The icons date from the 14th  century  to  the early and  15th century. They come from the metropolitan region of Serres and Nigrita and the monasteries of the region.

Address: Papapavlou Avenue 48, Serres

Opening times: daily 8.30-15.00

Free admission

Tel .: 2321068100, 2321068103, 2321099780

Museum of the Greek Revolution of 1821-Emmanuel Papa

The museum was founded in the village of Emmanuel Pappas, (formerly known as Dovista) which was the birthplace of Emmanuel Papas, the leader of the Greek revolution in Macedonia in 1821. It opened in 2003. The museum’s aim is to present the main events in the Greek revolution of 1821 and promote the contribution of Emmanuel Pappas.

Address: Municipality of Emmanuel Pappas

Opening hours: Daily upon prior consultation

Free admission

Tel .: 2321092000, 231091243

Military Museum of Fort Istimpei

The Istimpei fortress is located at the top of Mount Belles, right on the Greek-Bulgarian borders.  To get there,  you either take the provincial road Kilkis-Vyronia-Petritsi, or the national road Serres Sidirokastro-Petritsi. From Petritsi Village, you drive up an uphill road for about 14 km until you reach the the top of Belles.

Address: Fort Istimpei, Petritsi

Opening hours: Daily upon prior consultation

Admission: Free

Tel .: 2323031238 (567 TC), 2323032094 (Fortress military station)

Military Museum of Fort Rupel

Fort Rupel is the most widely known fortress at the borders of Greece . Celebrations for the Battle of the Fortress take place annually. Roupel resisted the invasion of the Bulgarian and the German army twice, in 1916 and in April 1941.  It was only abandoned by its men after the surrender of the Greek army in Thessaloniki.

 Address: Fort Ruppel, Sidirokastro

Opening hours: Saturday-Sunday 09.00-14.00, daily upon prior consultation with the Division X

Admission: Free

Tel .: 2321022274

"Michael Tsartsidis' Folklore Museum

The village of Sidirokastro is 85 km. from Thessaloniki and 25 km. from Serres. The folklore museum operates in Sidirokastro since 1979. It was founded under a private initiative in order to highlight the personal collection of Michalis Tsartsidis. The collection is divided into two sections, the war and the folk culture.

Address: Parodos Venizelou 10 Post code 62300, Sidirokastro

Opening hours: Daily upon prior consultation

Admission free

Tel .: 2323022307, 22218

Folklore Museum of Vlachs

The Folklore Museum is a property of the Association of Vlachs of Serres  (named Georgakis Olympios). Along with the foundation of their  Association, members  began collecting materials to create a folklore collection. The folklore museum was created at the Association facilities and opened in April 2008.

Address: Karaiskaki 2 Imaret area, 62121, Serres

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon, mornings upon prior consultation

Free admission

Tel .: 2321023045

Folklore Museum of Sarakatsanoi

The Folklore Museum of Sarakatsanoi has been operating since 1979. From 1997 it is housed in a new two-storey building, specially built for a museum use. The museum aims to give visitors an insight into the  life of Sarakatsanoi people. This effort is based on oral testimonies, the Sarakatsanoi people’s memories and experiences, and ethnographic-sociological studies. The exhibits come from private donations.

Address: Istanbul62, 62122, Serres

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 09.00-14.00

Ticket price: 1.5 euros

Tel .: 2321062528