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You can always ask us or search for butchers and stores where you can find buffalo meat and dairy products made from buffalo milk.

Kerkini, has the largest  water buffalo colony in Greece. The region supplies the Greek and European market with buffalo products.


Bugatsa is a sweet pastry brought with the immigrants from Minor Asia  and it is most popular in  the Central Macedonia region of Northern Greece.Etymologically, bougatsa is a corruption of the Ottoman word "pogatsa" meaning pie filled with cream topped with powdered sugar or pie with cheese filling. "Pogatsa" is a corruption of the Italian word "foccacia" which means sweet pie.


The tulumba and tulumbaki has been produced for 25 years in Serres. Although it is not a traditional sweet of Serres, its taste and preparation process are unique in Greece. The dough is made of flour, eggs and water. It is  fried in boiling oil and then immediately soaked in syrup. You will find it in different flavors, with different toppings (chocolate, almonds, etc.) in all patisseries in the city.


Akanes is the main traditional sweet of Serres. It is found in no other region, of the country and the world. It is similar to a loukoumi but the taste is quite different because it is flavoured with fresh butter rather than fruit essences

The history of Akanes in Serres starts with the Ottoman occupation in Greece, when the Beis (Ottoman rulers) made their summer vacation in Lailias, Serres . They used the following techniques for its preparation: They boiled molasses with water from the springs of Lailias in large cauldrons. The sweet was indeed named "Akanes Lailias of Serres". It is said that the water of Lailias was cooler and lighter and it was the  ingredient that gave the sweet its  unique taste The molasses were later replaced with sugarcane juice and niseste. Today, cane sugar is used instead. After the above mixture became thicker, they added fresh butter and  nuts. During the production process, there was always a slave to stir the mixture with a wooden spoon because several hours of stirring were needed. Once cold, this thick mixture was cut into small pieces and  was served as a dessert.


How do you drink ouzo?  Plain, with water, with ice or mixed?

The Serraos Ouzo has conquered the world and as an aperitif, as a base for cocktails. Even though today ouzo is prepared and bottled in modern distilleries, traditional distillation methods such as copper stills and charcoal are still used. Only natural ingredients of high quality are used. The production of aromatic spices and seeds is also supervised. As a result, the Serraos Ouzo acquires a unique delicate flavor and a soft and pleasant taste, which makes it stand out from other ouzo brands.