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It is the mildest and most discreet way to visit the habitat, it is the means by which we first started our tours. Only on a canoe you can hear the birds at dawn ... The canoes are made of polyethylene, have a capacity of three people and a length of 4.60 or 5 meters. Both are necessarily paddling while the third person observes or if he wants he paddles! People of all ages (except babies) can climb the canoe. Safety, as in all navigation media, is a top priority and is provided with the use of all safety components and the instructions of an experienced tour guide. The total number of canoes is 20.

During the canoe tour we move between the trees, the reeds and in shallow water. It is considered the safest, most enjoyable and ecological means of touring Lake Kerkini.

The entrance of the canoe is different every season:

March - August:

Entrance - exit from the village of Mandraki, we reach the bird nests in the Submerged Forest (delta of the river Strymon). A little trip to paradise.

  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Suggested tour hours: morning-afternoon.

September - March:

Entrance - exit from the port of Livadia village. Coastal route to large concentrations of flamingos.

Autumnal - winter waterway on the silent lake.

  • Duration: 1.30 hours
  • Suggested tour hours: all day.

It becomes the predominant watercraft, in terms of safety, for the outdoor activities of school trips as it sails in very shallow waters.

In school programs it is done in the form of a game.

For our young guests it is an unforgettable experience.

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